Tradisi Intelektualisme dalam Islam

(Sebuah Transformasi)

Oleh : Toto Suharto, M.Ag


By socio-history approach, this article intends to trace the process of intelectual transformation among Muslims in classical and medieval Islam period. This process related to islamic education system wich is used at that time. This article finds that institutes of islamic education in classical Islam, such as kuttab, mosque and mosque-khan, they are perceived could not to fullfill the claims and needs of Muslims at the time. Therefore, birth of madrasahs is regard as historical necessity, for the sake of attainment of a proffessional islamic education institutional system. Curriculum and method of islamic education in madrasah  are accomodated in such away that madrasah  has significant role for development of islamic civilization generally.

Selengkapnya, lihat Toto Suharto, “Tradisi Intelektualisme dalam Islam: Sebuah Transformasi”, Hermeneia: Jurnal Kajian Islam Interdisipliner (Program Pascasarjana IAIN Yogyakarta), Vol. 1, No. 2, Juli-Desember 2002, hal. 225-240 (Belum Terakreditasi).


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