Rekonstruksi Pemikiran Pendidikan Islam

Telaah Pemikiran Muhammad Iqbal

Oleh: Toto Suharto


Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938 M) as a reformer has emphasized its renewal at philosophical thought. Therefore, its renewal of Islamic thought really almost touches all area of Islamic studies, including Islamic education. This article with the socio-historical approach means to describe and explore the renewal of educational thought launched by Iqbal 1907-1938. After deconstruction of education system in East and West critically, Iqbal tries to reconstruct an Islamic education system representing both syntheses. Iqbal in such a manner has given a basis on his philosophical framework, so that Islamic education ever tries to improve the dynamics and human being creativity. The Iqbal idea of reconstruction of educational thought emerges caused by socio-political conflict in India Muslim. This conflict caused by view different between accommodative-cooperative groups which pros to West education system with conservative-traditional groups that are anti West education. Islamic education in the Iqbal views represents the education that is non-West and also non-East, but is among both.

Selengkapnya, lihat Toto Suharto, “Rekonstruksi Pemikiran Pendidikan Islam: Telaah Pemikiran Muhammad Iqbal”, Hermeneia: Jurnal Kajian Islam Interdisipliner (Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Kalijaga), Vol. 4, No. 2, Juli-Desember 2005, hal. 291-310 (Terakreditasi Nasional B).


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